Trevor Brooker to speak at Madrid Dental Conference 2018

About Dental Conference 2018

The 2nd International Conference on Dental & Oral Health is scheduled on November 26-27, 2018 in Madrid, Spain, with a theme of “Reclassifying the Importance and extent of Dental & Oral Health“.

An extract from the conference website describes what to expect from attending: “Dental Science and Disorders manages the oral prosperity and is as often as possible unnoticed in every single age of our life. Mouth is a window to the prosperity of our body. It can allude to nutritious insufficiencies or general contaminated. Despite whether you are 60 or 6, your oral wellbeing is fundamental. People visit expert exactly when they are in torment anyway it is critical to finish their standard checkup in order to keep up a decent grin and oral tidiness. This second International Conference on Dental and Oral Health incorporates International participants, Workshops, Lectures and Symposiums, refreshment break and Grand Luncheon.”

More information on the conference and speakers can be found here.

Trevor Brooker will talk on the Implant supported OverDentures – the Oncology challenge.Madrid Dental Conference

Trevor says “I will be looking at over dentures on Cad/Cam bars, mainly focusing on the more challenging extreme oncology/obturator cases. All the cases are mainly maxillary but I will touch on the more general overdenture case looking at patient choice verses function.

I will look at if going Cad/Cam is always the best option and how can manual milling help or are gold bars still a true positive alternative.

How to choose the right attachment for the case and is the choice important?

I will also look to see if the choice of the Cad milling company is important or is it the operator that is the key for success and how far can you push the limits?”