Clinical Dental Technician

Trevor qualified as a Dental Technician from Brooklands Technical College in 1983. He gained his Diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons following 2 years of study, and became a Clinical Dental Technician in 2014. He works closely with dentists in the design and construction of implant overdentures, offering advice and troubleshooting, sharing his knowledge and experience to improve the service patients receive from the dental team. Trevor is happy to accept referrals from dentists for partially dentate and edentulous patients and was recently involved in the development and launch of a new range of prosthetic teeth for a major well known Dental company.

A Clinical Dental Technician is also a registered Dental Technician and is able to provide complete dentures direct to patients and see partially dentate patients with a letter of referral from a registered dentist.

The General Dental Council states “Patients with natural teeth or implants must see a dentist before the CDT (Clinical Dental Technician) can begin treatment. CDT’s refer patients to a dentist if they need a treatment plan or if the CDT is concerned about the patient’s oral health”. (General Dental Council – Scope of Practice).

A qualified and registered Clinical Dental Technician is able to carry out the following procedures: (General Dental Council – Scope of Practice)

  • Prescribe and provide complete dentures direct to patients
  • Provide and fit other dental devices on prescription from a dentist
  • Take detailed dental history and relevant medical history
  • Perform technical and clinical procedures related to providing removable dental appliances
  • Carry out clinical examinations within their scope of practice
  • Take and process radiographs and other images related to providing removable dental appliances
  • Distinguish between normal and abnormal consequences of ageing
  • Give appropriate patient advice
  • Recognise abnormal oral mucosa and related underlying structures and refer patients to other healthcare professionals if necessary
  • Fit removable appliances
  • Provide sports mouth guards
  • Keep full, accurate and contemporaneous patient records
  • Vary the detail not the direction of a prescription
  • according to patient needs

I was advised to have an upper denture, due to an accident and bone loss. Having had 2 dentures previously, which didn’t make me very happy as they made my face look drawn and pinched, I was referred to Trevor by my current Dentist. Not only did I find Trevor very reassuring, patient, and thorough, but the final production was quite astonishing, in that my lower jaw reverted to what it looked like pre-denture, and hence made me look younger. The denture feels comfortable, and I have no problems eating…..Trevor, you are simply the best!

Sara Nash